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And always so elegant! Find the foldable Wayfarer RB4105 sunglasses classic Ray-Ban with black frame and different color treatments including polarizer, many gradients and mirror effects. "What you saw was the first version. We are now working on the second, which is in preparation. " That's what Google said about his Glass Massimo Vian, CEO of Luxottica. Italian eyewear brand, which markets the particular Ray-Ban and Oakley brands, has signed a partnership with Google in March 2014.Depuis, the Californian giant announced the closure of the Explorer program - which allowed developers to buy a copy - and the creation of a division dedicated to Google Glass.The latter cheap ray ban sunglasses is now led by Tony Fadell, former Apple engineer considered the father of the iPod and founder of Nest, a company manufacturing thermostats connected, acquired in January 2014 by Google.Rendre Google Glass during sexyC'est a meeting of the Italian company in Milan Massimo Vian discussed the subject, the Wall Street Journal report. "The team is currently building the future of the product," Google simply confirmed its side with the US business daily. Often considered somewhat flattering and too reserved for geeks, Google Glass has had mixed success with its original target of developers Google applications.Le challenge will now be to propose a more mainstream product, especially by integrating its technologies known brands models; this will be the challenge of the partnership with Luxottica.

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ray bans cheap A strategy that is ray bans sale not to also reminiscent of Apple Watch, positioned in the world of fashion and luxury, rather than the simple technologie.Savez you who developed the camera lens the first satellite pictures of the moon? Who created the popular ray ban Ray Ban sunglasses and the first innovative contact lens made of poly HEMA cheap ray bans Two names but one company - Bausch + Lomb. That represents the name? Read on and you will learn! It was created in 1853 by Henry and John Jacob Bausch Lomb, German opticians emigrated to the US in 1849. Supplier of the US Navy binoculars and telescopes, the company designs, to demand for the US Army, Ray-Ban sunglasses She was also a manufacturer of photographic lenses and microscopes known. This last branch was merged in the late twentieth century by Bausch + Lomb Microsystems.L'entreprise Leica developed the first quality glass made in the USA and obtained patents for shutters, microscopes and binoculars. But Bausch + Lomb has always devoted to developing new products. The company was very successful in both world wars by producing RayBan sunglasses for the military.

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In 1999, this brand is sold to another group Luxottica.Une their innovation was the CinemaScope lens that allowed for the first time to watch a movie at cinéma.Importante for contact lens wearers was the invention of contact lenses Poly HEMA material in 1971. These, as to the lenses of glass or acrylic glass, étaitent the first soft contact lenses and confortables.Bausch + Lomb is one of today's leading contact lens manufacturers in the world, with over 10 million satisfied customers. Bausch Lomb + but also produces maintenance solutions, drops, and surgical products. The seat is always in Rochester, New York, but the company is already present in 36 countries and employs approximately 120,000 employees - 650 of whom work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The second largest branch is located in Berlin, where products are mainly ophthalmic fluides.Ray Ban opened a concept store in London, located in the Covent Garden area, whose design was entrusted to PureSang. It was in the basement and with simple materials such as metal, wood, and the presence of many mirrors as this shop became a place of authenticity for the brand. The glasses, cheap ray ban displayed in hanging cubes called "Cube Code" assertive discipline and creating dynamism. The shop uses a connected virtual mirror, a technology already present on their website, which allows you to try all brand models in augmented reality and share photos on networks sociaux.Avec concept store that marries authenticity and Ray Ban technology to provide visitors with a digital retail.Les nike experience are considered timeless eyewear for some of the airmen and equipment for others. The headlights are rayban accessories beautiful seasons, especially for men and women who want to be trendy.